Angels & Demons - Eternity By TOMAAS NFT Artwork On Our Fascination With Angels

Since the dawn of civilisation angels have mesmerised humans. This fascination with celestial creatures continues to this day. One of the reasons might be that we like to believe that someone is always looking out for us. Someone more capable and able to control outcomes in our live. Angels are often seen as honorable creatures we wish we could be because they do what we cannot. They are also observers that have seen the mistakes and atrocities that humans have committed since the beginning of mankind. They represent eternity in contrast to human beings. In that sense they are also a great reminder that life, in all its chaos, has value, and that an eternal life might be deadly dull. To taste this life, to feel love and pain at all levels is a human privilege and for the sake of these feelings, angels are ready to lose their beautiful wings.

The Angels & Demons series wants to encourage people to reconnect with each other and with their environment, appreciate the small victories and pleasures to be found in everyday life, to rediscover a sense of joy in living, the joy of interpersonal relationships in an alienating world, the joy of following your dreams and aspirations, the joy to operate in the here and now and embrace the uncontrollable.

Dedicated to all the angels, including the fallen ones.

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