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A couple centuries ago, the creation of glass contact lenses was an important discovery that permitted people to “repair” their sight. Later, permeable contact lenses enhanced peoples’ capacity to see without wearing glasses. Many amazing inventions of this sort changed our lives. Today, exoskeletons give a sense of invincibility to people by helping human beings move around and lift heavy weights – or themselves, prosthetic limbs and bionic implants are becoming widespread. Healthcare is leading to superpower care. Improving our capacities that are defective is not enough. We want to get powers we don’t have or that are not on a human axe. Are we going to be able to listen to someone’s thoughts one day? See ultraviolet spectrum and hear ultrasounds? Do we want to go further and change the genetic codes that may change us forever and not only us but also the next generations? What would be your boundary to stop being a human and become more of a cyborg?

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