Photography is like poetry captured in a picture. It immortalizes a moment and marks its existence forever.

 In today’s era of art gaining more and more importance, acceptance, and mediums, it is fascinating to see what wonders the artist does when he or she is freed from any kind of restrictions. It could be a film, a picture, sculpture, paintings, virtual images, etc. and all these art forms could mix and mingle together and co-exist by breaking all the stereotypical boundaries.

In this digital age, art is not confined to a particular geographical location and its physical presence does not tag its existence. So in this scenario, what exactly is it to own something so materialistic yet so abstract? Also, how can photography keep its value, especially today with all the phones being equipped with cameras?


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Visiting galleries to experience art

The impact that an artwork creates when seen and experienced live is something that the words can’t do justice to. It mesmerizes the viewer with an abundance of awe with its colours, shapes, characteristics, and textures as well. All arts have a story to tell which are communicated from the artist to the viewer while being in its presence. Doing the legwork to go and see the pictures is important. It is also to be considered that artists try to put their heart and soul into their work and so the way they print it, design it, frame it, and such little details also are part of the concept that the artist wishes to portray. These should be reasons enough for people to actually visit the galleries to see the art.

Moreover, if given a thought, art galleries are the proper spaces that will help the artist create the impact and impression that the art is meant to create. They’ll assist you to understand the art, its intension better along with helping you to carry that thought home. They are great spaces to look for new artists and contemporary art.


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Obtain authenticity

While purchasing art, we should be aware and only purchase the photographs or the pictures that are genuinely authenticated. In the ideal condition, an artwork is signed by the artist along with an authenticity certificate. In the case of photographs, they are usually signed behind in order to not take away from its moment and content. If the certificate of authenticity is to be obtained after the purchase, you can get in touch with the estate, the artist, or the trader involved.

Purchasing a work from a gallery, its invoice is also considered to be a legitimate document for authenticity. Paperwork or anything in writing about the work is essential in this business. It is a good thing on the part of the buyer of the artwork to know as many details of the work as possible.

Learning editions

There are numerous details about a single photograph that can be learned. One such minute yet important detail is the edition number of the photograph. This editioning of pictures began back in the seventies that were created to protect the prestige and enhance the value of the collectors as well as the artists.

 Printing their artwork in any way which is out of the artist’s edition is looked down upon as it puts the artist’s reputation, career, as well as the work’s value at stake, and all of which are the things an artist would give their heart to maintain and care about. Altering with the edition numbering system is still somehow considered to be professional suicide.

 Along with the system of edition numbers, the printing of the artwork should be artist proof. This means that these prints would be excluded from the arts in the edition’s list. The works that are printed as artist proof are meant for the artist herself or himself to enjoy and keep as in her/his private exclusive collection or to exhibit in art galleries. Prints with these artist proof tags would pay off a lot more and hold greater value in the market than the rest.


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Do your research and be supportive to artists

Research is a very strong word yet important for all of the art lovers. It is necessary for to research the artwork as well as the artist so that we are aware of what we bring home. Research helps in forming an instinct. And when we come acrossvariety of works, we are then actually able to spot and identify our interest and liking. This exposure to so many options would only be possible with research. That research can include visiting art exhibitions, gallery openings, building rapport with the art merchants, artists, or collectors, etc.

 Supporting a budding artist becomes a moral responsibility as well as the best option for an art lover. The emerging artists wouldn’t expect a very high price for her/his work, which makes it affordable. It will also boost confidence in the new artist who is worshipping for acceptance. If you then adore her/his work, there are always ways to get in touch with the artist like visiting his exhibitions, following on social media, or you could always message for the work you are looking for or forward to.

 A little support would be embraced by the artist who is longing for validation. It would motivate her/him to keep creating art.


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Purchasing artworks you love

The vibes that a picture throws in its accessed environment should be a determinant enough to know if you want to buy that piece of work. The feeling that it gives you is an important factor that can help you decide whether to buy it or keep looking for what you love. The foremost reason to purchase any artwork is that you adore that and are in love with the artist’s creation. It should click instantly with an emotional connection and really mean something to you that you cannot get out of your mind. You should be sure to live with it for the rest of your life and be in love with it each time you look at it and be thrilled to have it as a part of your art collection.


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