Zoom Modern Addiction By TOMAAS

Modern Addiction By TOMAAS


Stunning NFT art by   contemporary artist TOMAAS for sale.

Buy surreal and emotionally compelling animated NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) by visual artist TOMAAS. Discover digital blockchain art you love and start collecting limited edition crypto artworks. 100% assured satisfaction.

Details on NFTs

TOMAAS NFT artworks are available in limited edition only and currently available via leading NFT blockchain platforms like SuperRare & Chimera. Soon also via this site. Contact us at info@tomaas.com for pricing and more info.

We can also provide digital framing options for all NFTs:

Samsung 65 inch Class Frame

Meural Canvas II – The Smart Art Frame with 27 in. HD Digital Canvas 

Canvia Digital Art Canvas

Infinity Object Frame

Paris Studio visit:

NFT art collectors, art advisors, consultants, interior designers fashion/ beauty brands, interior designers, art lovers, and photography lovers also have the opportunity to arrange a studio visit in Paris to get a behind the scene glimpse of TOMAAS artworks. We have sample modern art prints, pop art prints, fine art photo prints in the studio and are happy to give you a tour.

Studio Visit Via ZOOM

We are also happy to set up a studio visit via ZOOM and give you an insight look and feel of the artwork process done by TOMAAS.

Paris Gallery visit

To see oversized gallery wall art, fine art prints, artwork on glass, acrylic prints by TOMAAS we are also able to arrange a gallery visit in Paris to discuss printing and price options with a gallery art advisor.

Art Licensing Opportunities.

Artwork by TOMAAS is also available for licensing agreements. We are happy to discuss opportunities with art print publishers, art wholesale buyers. print retailers, interior designers, home décor designers (especially those who perform contract design for hotels, resorts, medical, and office buildings.

Art Faires & Galleries

If you are an art curator, art fair or a gallery and interested in representing digital photo art by TOMAAS please contact us to discuss further details. 

Artbasel, Frieze, Fiac, Photo London, Paris Photo, New York etc. mixed media, photography digital art Metaverse

Modern Addiction By TOMAAS



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