Zoom Fashion & Art photography prints for sale - Dream Machine- By TOMAAS

Dream Machine By TOMAAS - Fashion & Art photography prints under acrylic glass for sale


Beautiful fashion & art photography prints under acrylic glass for sale.

Buy stunning gallery quality artwork prints under crystal clear acrylic glass with aluminium Dibond backing by contemporary art and fashion photographer TOMAAS.  Discover art you love and collect limited edition wall art for your stylish interior. Ready to hang and orders ship free worldwide. 100% assured satisfaction.

Details on fashion & art photography prints under acrylic glass for sale.

Large edition of 7 plus 1AP, size 120 cm x 80cm. Please also enquire for other size editions. TOMAAS artwork is available in limited edition.

All prints are Museum-quality glossy paper placed under a 4mm Crystal Clear High-End acrylic glass that delivers an unbelievable depth and the most accurate, vivid and vibrant colors. The acrylic glass that is used when creating these prints is shatterproof and extremely lightweight making it easy to hang almost anywhere.

The aluminium Dibond Backing consists of a black polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 aluminium sheets, and the integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture makes it easy to hang it securely.

Printing will be done by a top printing atelier which has extensive experience dealing with art galleries, museums, art collectors and art exhibitions to make sure the art prints are of the highest gallery/museum quality. Each print will be checked and proofed, 

The artwork  is given a protective cover and placed in an art-secure packaging with many layers for protection and safe international shipping. (includes tracking & insurance)

All artwork is signed & numbered with a certificate of authenticity, as soon as the artwork is delivered and accepted. This guarantees your print is an original. Delivery in 12 days after you place your order.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

In the unlikely event that the print should arrive damaged, or simply just don’t meet your expectation, we will do the best to remedy the situation.

Need to split your payment?

You are welcome to use our Down-Payment Plan, just ask for a setup.

(Based on full price only)

Art Leasing

Art Leasing is rapidly getting popular and we are happy to offer this to our collectors. It is an alternative solution to buying artwork and an attractive offer for offices, hubs, homes, and all places that constantly alter with their interiors. The lease rental is 100% tax deductible. All payments you make for your artwork are written off against your tax bill. which means a substantial saving in the real cost of acquiring art by lease rental.

3D Printing

We started collaborating with a very innovative company specialising in 3D printing. The materials we have used and tested so far are synthetic leather (polyurethane, PVC), paper and woven fabric. 

One of the advantages is that the 3D prints can be applied on both flat and curved surfaces without risking to lose or ruin the 3D details at all.  As a consequence, the possible fields of applications are as many as our imagination can think of.

The artwork can be enhanced by introducing completely customised 3D details. This is especially interesting for:

Interior design: decoration of both flat and curved walls or surfaces with large 3D printed artworks luxury wall paper; introduction of 3D prints on pieces of furniture, etc.

Fashion and automotive: Thanks to the extremely high mechanical resistance of the 3D prints on synthetic leather a broad variety of fashion items could be made: purses, bags, gadgets, clothing, footwear, etc. Same for automotive interior design.

Packaging and Publishing houses: the small-format 3D prints can be made foldable, therefore, suitable to make luxury packaging or book covers/book inserts, etc.

On special request, we also have the option to print original art on glass,  wood or any customize materials. Framed photo art prints, canvas prints are also available

Paris Studio visit:

Art collectors, art advisors, consultants, interior designers fashion/ beauty brands, interior designers, art lovers, and photography lovers also have the opportunity to arrange a studio visit in Paris to get a behind the scene glimpse of TOMAAS fashion and artwork. We have sample modern art prints, pop art prints, fine art photo prints in the studio and are happy to give you a tour.

Studio Visit Via ZOOM

We are also happy to set up a studio visit via ZOOM and give you an insight look and feel of the artwork process done by TOMAAS.

Paris Gallery visit

To see oversized gallery wall art, fine art prints, artwork on glass, acrylic prints by TOMAAS we are also able to arrange a gallery visit in Paris to discuss printing and price options with a gallery art advisor.

Art Licensing Opportunities.

Artwork by TOMAAS is also available for licensing agreements. We are happy to discuss opportunities with art print publishers, art wholesale buyers. print retailers, interior designers, home décor designers (especially those who perform contract design for hotels, resorts, medical, and office buildings.

Art Faires & Galleries

If you are an art curator, art fair or a gallery and interested in representing digital photo art by TOMAAS please contact us to discuss further details.

Artbasel, Frieze, Fiac, Photo London, Paris Photo, New York etc. painting, mixed media, photography

Fashion & Art photography prints for sale - Dream Machine- By TOMAAS

Dream Machine By TOMAAS - Fashion & Art photography prints under acrylic glass for sale



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