The Eyes Of Argus By TOMAAS - NFT Artwork on SuperRare

This artwork is inspired by the story of Argus Panoptes who to the ancient Greeks, was a giant with a hundred eyes, also known as “the all-seeing one”.

Most of our sensual data comes from the ability to see. Visual Information gets translated into action, feelings, memories, lust and all other human variety of self-expressions and behaviours.

Open eyes are symbolic of life and intelligence and closed, of sleep and death. Its a symbol of the sun and, in some religions of God.

Eyes are also the bridge between outer and inner reality and a reminder that the reality as we see it is not all that exists. We are part of a much greater ‘reality’. The real seeing has nothing to do with the eyes as our understanding of reality as we see it is very limited. 

With this surreal art piece the idea is to transport the viewer into a parallel universe and inspire them to open their “inner eyes” and questioning reality or at least reflect on their reality.

The Eyes Of Argus” By TOMAAS now available only at SuperRare limited edition 1/1. 


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